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Create your own journey of 4Story
What is 4Story?
Three Kingdoms and one Hero standing.
The continent of Iveria was created by the Goddess of Creation: Leah where a diverse fantasy MMORPG 4Story takes place. Three Kingdoms formed a twisted series of conflicts and disagreements in historical truths.

Between the past and the future, you can be absorbed into the memories of others and space-time travel through quests and instance dungeons.

Show your skills by getting into exciting battles in different castles and regions. Choose your side and charge into sweeping battles for important strongholds with a countless amount of other players.

While learning more of the land’s background story, 4Story is for you to plunge into adventures and create your own journey of 4Story.

The fate of Iveria lies in your hands!
From the beginning of time there was never a separation between heaven and earth.
Everything was a chaotic space of emptiness without a beginning and without an end. But then the first two gods entered the world. They were divinities with creative powers. The honourable Leya embodied light and hope and fought tirelessly and with exceptional ambition for harmony and life. Bergelius on the other hand committed himself to nothingness. Superciliously, he made sure that he did not have to share his powers with anyone else.
The hostility between Leya and Bergelius continued to grow until one day a terrible battle broke out between them. Leya lost the battle condemning her to a life in Bergelius' captivity.

He created a mysterious place of darkness - which was cold and surrounded by shadows.
The goddess, imprisoned, but still full of hope, used her supernatural abilities to look upon the creation of her adversary. With her own powers she created the interplay between heaven and hell. This phenomenon was later renamed day and night. At the same time Leya also laid the foundations of life: Earth, water, air and fire.

She decorated the world with continents, vegetation and diverse creatures on the mainland and in the water. She gave one of the continents the name Andaron - today's Iveria - and she called her first inhabitants Mu. As she could not defend her creation herself, she conceived eight protection gods and put them in charge of protecting the world.

Bergelius did not notice Leya's creation until it had been completed.
Deeply unhappy that he had been so unobservant, he ordered Parakelius, one of his most loyal servants, to destroy her creation again as quickly as possible. Parakelius and his followers immediately made their way towards the idyllic world. A bleak cloud of fog drew over the country, spreading fear and horror. Parakelius misled the Mu with his maliciousness and convinced them to join the Reign of the Shadows. Andaron's peace was destroyed.

The eight protection gods sent a great flood to destroy all evil and save Andaron. The mass of water almost obliterated all living creatures in the world. The few who survived, fled to the island Britron, on the west coast of Iberia.

The evil influence however remained unbroken: in the island's isolation many became abominable beasts. Parakelius used his influence and transformed Britron's inhabitants into monsters. The creatures on that island formed the militant tribe of the Rahu.

Getting Started
1) Creating an Account
Before you can play, you will need a 4Story account which you can set up in our Papaya Play website. After creating your account, you will receive a verification e-mail in your registered e-mail address. You can also charge your FSC premium currencies after login.

2) Download
You can find the 4Story client here. As soon as the download is complete, you can initiate the installation of the game by double clicking on the setup file. The program starts automatically and leads you through the individual installation steps.

3) Patch
With every start up, the patcher will check whether your copy of the game is the latest version or not. It will automatically load and install the patch files if it is outdated. An active internet connection is required for this process.

4) Server Selection
Once you get into the game, enter your username and password on the login screen. On the server selection screen, you can see how busy the servers are and also how many characters you currently have on the server. If you want to explore the world of 4Story with friends, ask them which server they play on and join the same one. You can freely select between the channels within a server. As soon as you have decided on a channel, click on Start. The game will automatically assign you a channel if you do not select one.

5) Character Creation
After the server selection you will come to the character selection screen. If you do not currently have a character on the server, click on Create. Once you have created a character on a server, it is no longer possible to switch to a different server with that character. Then you can select your gender, hairstyle, hair colour, race and class.

If further problems arise during the installation or registration process and you are unable to find a solution, please contact our help desk.